Abel-Karen Kazinyan

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Abel (Karen Kazinyan) 

1963 - was born in Yerevan, Armennia
1984 - participated in the International Students E[hibition in Helsinki, Finland.
1986 - graduated from the Yerevan Frt Theatrical Institute.
1986 - participant in the All-Union exhibition of the best degree works of the 
Art institutes in USSR.
1988 - Beginning of his creative activity. 
1994 - member of the IFA (The International Federation of Artists under UNESCO).
1998 - Member of the International art Fund.
2003 - Member of the Moscow Artists Union.

Solo exhibitions:

1992 – "Garzu" Gallery, Aleppo, Syria.
1994-1995 – The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
2001 – Art-Manezh, Moscow, Russia.

International exhibitions:

1997 – EuroArt (International Art Fair), Geneva, Switzerland.
2001,2002,2003 – Art Manezh, Moscow, Russia.
2005 – InterArtExpo, New York, USA.

Group exhibitions:

1995 - 1998 He was organizer and participant of the group exhibitions in Moscow: 
"Smile of Goddess", "An ordinary miracle", "Summer s Smile".
1997 - 2003 He was one of the founders of the creative union of the young artists in 
Moscow - "NUR", and permanent participant of the union 
2008 - Palais Dorotheum Auction, Wien, Austria. 

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